How Big is the Opportunity That Limoverse is Eyeing?

With most developed nations having 10% of their GDP coming from the healthcare and wellness industry, and with the sector growing at a CAGR of over 7% since 2014, the global healthcare industry is expected to cross the major milestone of $10 trillion in 2022 itself. With the advent of a pandemic like Covid, and with the US healthcare industry crossing 18% of US GDP in recent years, the size of the industry is set for even faster growth in the coming decades.

How Big is the Wellness or Prevention Pie?

Despite all the buzz surrounding prevention or wellness, this sub-sector of healthcare is still only 10-20% of the global healthcare industry, which leaves much room for growth. And the wellness industry indeed has been growing at a much faster clip of nearly 15%, which is more than double the growth rate of the global healthcare industry.

In 2019, before the pandemic struck, international consulting major Deloitte had brought out their ‘Future of Health’ report, which predicted a complete transformation of the healthcare sector within two decades. The industry will be moving away from the reactionary model of treating diseases after they strike, to the proactionary model of preventing diseases before they occur.

According to this predicted model by Deloitte, around 60% of the global healthcare industry will consist of prevention or wellness activities by 2040. This would amount to more than a tripling of fortunes in the wellness industry from what it is now.

How Will Limoverse Tap This Opportunity?

Limoverse, the new health and wellness metaverse, has all the ingredients to tap this never before multi-trillion opportunity. It has the next generation preventive strategy of geno-metabolics based personalized lifestyle modifications to ward off disease risks to which each person is genetically or metabolically more susceptible.

Moreover, Limoverse is built using blockchain technology following the Web 3 protocols, which gives it the capabilities to be a wellness ecosystem with its own wellness economy. For instance, Limoverse will enable users to anonymously and securely share their genetic and health data with research institutions under its DataFi project, which in turn will reward users with Limo tokens that can be used to avail health and wellness services in this metaverse connecting health seekers with health experts.

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How Big is the Opportunity That Limoverse is Eyeing?