Fast-Growth Health & Wellness Brand Le-Vel Celebrates a Decade of Success

Le-Vel Kicks Off 10th Anniversary With Limited Edition Products, Anniversary Bash in Dana Point, and Announcement of Revolutionary Product Launch

FRISCO, Texas, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Le-Vel, the leading trailblazer in nutrition, wellness and skincare, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and approaching $3 billion in lifetime sales. 

Celebrated as one of the fastest companies in the Health & Wellness industry to reach $1 billion in lifetime sales, Le-Vel scored that achievement in 2017, only five years after its inception. Now, five years later, Le-Vel is approaching $3 billion in lifetime sales, and although that is quite the accomplishment for a company of its age, this is just the beginning for the brand.

In 2012, founders, Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, had an idea that evolved into a plan: to make health & wellness through premium products accessible for all, because everyone deserves the proper nutrition to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  “When we started in this industry, nobody was making products for ‘regular’ people – the industry was full of supplements for bodybuilders and gym fanatics, but nothing for the moms and dads, nurses, firefighters, teachers, and professionals. We sought to change that by bringing premium nutrition to everyone,” says Camper.

Camper and Gravette hold a shared vision and are no strangers to the health & wellness industry. Together they have over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, and sought to take the industry to the next level by creating a unique company and brand that had never been done or seen before. In order to successfully honor Le-Vel’s mission, Camper and Gravette have a powerful commitment and intense passion to create products that have premium raw ingredients and use innovative technology.  “The company today is where it is because of the results that people experience.  We wanted to help people feel better and that has become our niche,” says Gravette.

Since its inception in 2012, Le-Vel has expanded internationally to areas around the globe, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Le-Vel draws many people from all over the world due to its mission and beliefs – it’s more than just supplements, it’s a way of life; a premium lifestyle to reach peak physical & mental health levels. By scrolling through Le-Vel’s social media or Youtube channel, one will see endless real stories and testimonials of how the brand’s THRIVE Experience has helped and changed lives for the better.

In 2012, using solely Cloud Technology (a rarity at the time) to operate, Le-Vel launched with just two products: THRIVE Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Lifestyle Mix. In their first year, Le-Vel launched its third product, THRIVE Derma Fusion Technology (DFT); the final step to what is known as the THRIVE Experience, a simple 3-step nutritional & wellness system to complete within the first hour of your day. A category creator and the first of its kind, THRIVE DFT was made with 2.0 technology and is designed to provide greater absorption and nutritional support, which garnered a lot of attention for Le-Vel in its first few years of business.

The brand hit $10 million in annual sales and expanded to two new markets after their first year in business. 2014 marked the launch of the Plus line and in 2016, Le-Vel won the highly competitive Bravo Growth Award from the Direct Selling Association.  As the company celebrated their 5 Year anniversary, Le-Vel’s lifetime sales hit $1 billion.

In 2019, the product scope expanded into a skincare line and furthered its philanthropic endeavors to total over $1 million in donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Since that time, Le-Vel has committed to the fight against cancer with their Thrive Against Cancer campaign that has donated over $850,000 to partner organizations in the fight against cancer.  Expansion to Southeast Asia took the THRIVE brand to new markets across the globe. 

Over ten years in business, the company has grown to have over 10 million customers around the world, 30 patents granted worldwide and counting, has donated millions to charity and is nearing $3 billion in lifetime sales.  This fall, Le-Vel is building for its most innovative product launch ever – a new upscale product line designed to aid in weight management and weight loss.

Although the company has grown exponentially since it first began, Le-Vel’s mission continues to stay the same ten years later. As Le-Vel kicks off its 10th Year, the brand invites its customers and brand promoters to recognize their contribution to this great moment, and to look forward to the future with great excitement.

To celebrate the major achievement of a decade in business, Le-Vel released Limited Edition products including a 10 Year DFT and Commemorative Can of one of its most popular energy drinks, OooWEE!. The company is also hosting an exclusive 10-Year Celebration Bash at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Resort in Dana Point, California for Le-Vel’s top Promoters. This special invitational event will be full of elegant parties, unique experiences and surprise gifts for attendees.

As Camper and Gravette put it, “Through grit, faith, determination and a belief in our products and the brand, Le-Vel has grown to be a multibillion dollar company.  We’re in awe by how far Le-Vel has come and so much of this is because of our customers and Promoters. Today we celebrate, we look forward to the future with excitement, gratitude and motivation.”

About Le-Vel:
Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel formulates and sells health and wellness products and skincare. Le-Vel products include the THRIVE Experience (consisting of the three core products, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT, THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix), and a CBD skincare system. All of Le-Vel’s products contain premium vitamins and nutrients made with the highest quality ingredients. In 2019, less than seven years after the company’s inception, Le-Vel reached a milestone of $2 billion in lifetime orders. Le-Vel has over 10 million Customer and Brand Promoter accounts and currently ships within the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

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