Elite Medical Improves Employee Health Outcomes with Workplace Clinic Model

The private healthcare provider partners with a wide range of industries to deliver onsite clinics and health services, saving companies and employees time and money

VISALIA, Calif., Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As healthcare costs continue to rise, both employers and employees are feeling the strain on their pocketbooks. Additionally, as employers look to attract top talent and decrease turnover, offering innovative services and benefits is at the top of mind. California-based private care provider Elite Medical seeks to close cost and care gaps for both employers and employees by offering onsite private clinics and wellness services designed to create a healthier workforce and healthier communities.

Through its care model, Elite Medical aims to transform how people think about healthcare. While private clinics have long been considered a luxury only accessible to the wealthy, Elite Medical puts that stigma to rest, bringing privatized clinics and a better continuum of care into schools, cities, agricultural job sites, and more.

Elite Medical offers a comprehensive portfolio of medical and wellness services to serve a wide range of industries. Its core service, onsite clinics, offers organizations the opportunity to support a healthier workforce. An onsite clinic allows employees to seek medical care more easily while also providing employees with insights on how to lead healthier lifestyles. The result is an employer-initiated comprehensive care approach focusing on prevention and disease management, which results in healthy employees and demonstrates employer care for its people.

In addition to onsite clinics and medical services, Elite Medical also partners with organizations to offer numerous wellness services. Wellness programming includes risk identification and organization review; risk intervention solutions including personalized nutrition coaching, wellness games and challenges, mini-seminars, and talks; and evaluation and modification to track program outcomes and adjust offerings as needed.

Additional services Elite Medical offers include onsite vaccination services, screenings, and disease management, improving employee health, wellness, and morale by making it easier and more affordable for employees to access these essential services.

For organizations looking to cut healthcare costs, improve employee health and well-being, and offer innovative benefits that are attractive to top talent, Elite Medical has a track record of delivering on these outcomes and more with its portfolio of services.

“Elite Medical is a disrupter in the healthcare industry,” said CEO, Nicholas Gambini. “We help self-insured corporations, organizations, and government agencies save hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per year on employee healthcare costs while providing excellent private care to members, often better than what they will find outside the office.”

To learn more about Elite Medical and its private onsite clinics, medical, and wellness programming, visit www.elitecorpmed.com.

About Elite Medical

Elite Medical, located in Visalia, California, aims to create healthier communities by partnering with organizations to offer privatized health clinics onsite at the workplace. Elite Medical’s model effectively engages employees in healthier decision-making by making quality healthcare more accessible and affordable while reducing healthcare expenditures for its partners.  

SOURCE Elite Corporate Medical Services Inc.